Our Goal


The goal of ROKO B.D.S. is to provide companies with a service that provides a relief to your bandidth so your team can focus on high priority items.


ROKO B.D.S is a multidisciplinary demand generation, data management and technology firm energizing sales and marketing activity of
businesses across the world.

Customized Database

It all starts with the data. We build out your prospecting database around your target demographic. This allows your team to focus on selling and growing revenue.

Lead Generation

Whether you are a start up or an established company, the need to target your primary demographic is necessary for success.

Sales Optimization

Every customer interaction is a potential sales opportunity. Increase the sales performance of your organization and act on opportunities in real time.​

Information Technology

As part of our customized service package we offer a monthly service tailored to your needs.  Our services support design work, E-commerce development, B2B App onboarding, etc.


Need companies to join your App

Our team sources and contacts the ideal demographic for your app. We work with the prospect to onboard them or intro them to your team.


99% Increase in Productivity

Knowing your data is reliable and verified means your team can utilize the available bandwidth to grow sales and customer retention.

Increase in Productivity (1).jpg

Discover your solution.

Conquer your toughest issue in lead gen with ROKO B.D.S. services to
equip you with the data you need to grow your revenue.