It all starts with the data.  We build out your prospecting database around your target demographic.  We study your product, learn from you about your target market.  Only then do we build out a quality database for you to start your marketing campaigns.

  • Creating or Append Direct Dials and/or Email List 

    • We will generate a high quality new prospect list for you​

    • If you have an existing list we can update it with correct contact information.

  • Appointment Setting 

  • MQL - Marketing Qualified Leads

    • We email, call and create an interest to the prospect and provide an introduction to your sales team.

  • BANT - Budget, Authority, Needs, and Timeline

    • We ensure the prospect has met the above mentioned criteria.  We also maintain a sense of excitement and proactiveness in the prospect/process in a way your sales rep would.

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